Tuesday, October 30, 2007


just got back from europe and this dude...

came up to us on the street in paris wasted out of his mind. i asked him if he was wasted and he said, "i do as i like." i wish i could have gotten more footage, and this lady...

was at a german rest stop playing an instrument (?). i gave her a euro. in a pub in a small town called cholet the owner and some patrons started to have an extremely violent ass slapping contest to the point where blood was drawn. the locals said it happened every weekend.
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this is a video of me drunk shaving with toothpaste in a bathroom in strausbourg.

and this is a video of my friend jay pellicci walking through a pretty amazing art installation.

and this is a neon sign that makes sense only if you don't think about it.
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and these kids apparently have a 4-on-the-floor techno "rondezvous" where literally hundreds of teenagers set up a dj booth in a public space, stand around awkwardly, pump out some "jams" while a couple of them actually get the balls to dance. it was pretty amazing.

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Joshua Orion Kermiet said...

jay, you lead a charmed life. welcome back.