Friday, October 12, 2007

commercials part 2

this commercial is completely out of control, down to the perfectly odd language, the costumes, the voice over work and the owl-like sound effect when the egg-man blinks his eyes... also, someone did a translation on youtube. seems pretty acurate to me..."Ibble Tricky Me unscrubbly Choca DOOBY! Doubly chocadooby Obbss Swoobbl Tooooy! Yodal yum and chocal scrum with multipopswethel toyyyy! ooooh, crubbleeee me scrouble now Nogo Weeeeeee!"

i actually grew up seeing this commercial on the air in the chicago-land area where it had cult-like following. it is difficult to ignore.

i don't know how i feel about this commercial, execpt that is it completely deranged. did it get it's point across? i suppose so.

this is an example of confused non-sense. i like it.

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