Sunday, December 28, 2008

now the real beauty about videos

like these::::::::::::

are the comments, for example::::

1) plasticcatwoman
ruppi would you sell me this bag or where can i get it? It drives me wild.I really would love to spend an entire weekend sealed inside this bag.

2) rlovelace
Complete turn-on. Your endurance and ability to survive severe and total rubber encasement is to be greatly admired.

3) Rubbersbr
Love this film so much,more of the same please

4) rubbarman
I bet awakening to rubber for 3 days would be the ultimate.


Plasticcatwoman said...

I typed this with my tongue.

rhinestone neckbrace said...

ugh, another fetish i now have to adopt?

Wax Harlow said...

It's funny how one of the top things I wish I had never seen keeps popping up again and again.

E*Rock said...

i'm only into ziplock.

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